Margaret  A.  McNulty 
Assistant Professor  -  Anatomy
Bachelor's Degree(s): Equine Science, Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
PhD: Comparative and Molecular Biosciences, University of Minnesota, Saint Paul, MN
PostDoc: Anatomy & Cell Biology, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL
Phone: (225) 578-9103
Lab Phone: (225) 578-9881
Fax: (225) 578-9895
Office: VMED 2520

Area of Interest


My research focuses mainly on the areas of bone regeneration and joint pathology, including: evaluation of the effect of mobilized endogenous stem cells on bone regeneration in the mouse femoral ablation model, and characterization of osteoarthritis (OA) lesions using a mouse model of induced OA. Lastly, I am very interested in advanced imaging techniques of bone and cartilage, such as micro-computed tomography. In addition to basic science research, I also have interests in educational research, specifically computer-aided instruction to enhance learning in gross anatomy.

Selected Publications


Loeser RF, Olex AL, McNulty MA, Carlson CS, Callahan M, Ferguson C, Fetrow JS. 2013. Disease progression and phasic changes in gene expression in a mouse model of osteoarthritis. PLoS One 8(1):e54633.


McNulty, M.A., Virdi, A.S., Christopherson, K.W., Sena, K., Frank, R.R., Sumner, D.R. 2012. Adult Stem Cell Mobilization Enhances Intramembranous Bone Regeneration: A Pilot Study. Clin Orthop Relat Res 470(9):2503-2512.


McNulty, M.A., Loeser, R.F., Davey, C., Callahan, M.F., Ferguson, C.M., Carlson, C.S. 2012. Histopathology of naturally occurring and surgically induced osteoarthritis in mice. Osteoarthritis Cartilage 20(8):946-956. 


Loeser, R.F., Olex, A.L., McNulty, M.A., Carlson, C.S., Callahan, M.F., Ferguson, C.M., Chou, J., Leng, X., Fetrow, J.S. 2012. Microarray analysis reveals age-related differences in gene expression during the development of osteoarthritis in mice. Arthritis Rheum 64(3):705-17.


McNulty, M.A., Loeser, R.F., Davey, C., Callahan, M.F., Ferguson, C.M., Carlson, C.S. 2011. Development of a comprehensive histological grading scheme for osteoarthritis lesions in mice. Cartilage 2(4):354-363.


Pepin, S.R., Griffith, C.J., Wijdicks, C.A., Goerke, U., McNulty, M.A., Parker, J.B., Carlson, C.S., Ellermann, J., LaPrade, R.F.  2009. A comparative analysis of 7.0-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging and histology measurements of knee articular cartilage in a canine posterolateral knee injury model: a preliminary analysis. Am J Sports Med 37 Suppl 1:119S-24S.


Olson, E.J., Wentorf, F.A., McNulty, M.A., Parker, J.B., Carlson, C.S., LaPrade, R.F. 2008. Assessment of a goat model of posterolateral knee instability. J Orthop Res 26(5):651-9.