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Merial/NIH Veterinary Scholars Program

Summer Biomedical Research Opportunities for Veterinary Students


The aim of the Merial NIH Veterinary Scholars Program is to provide veterinary medical students the opportunity to explore the world of biomedical research, develop and complete a biomedical research project during the summer. The intent is to engage students in a creative, problem-solving research activity and to provide a learning experience that will lead to the discovery of new knowledge in an area of their choosing and identify potential pathways to a career in biomedical research.


  • Learn about biomedical research and research career opportunities
  • Design and conduct a research project
  • Discuss your results with your peers
  • Travel to the national symposium with fellow students and scientists
  • Earn $5,619


  • Important points: 
    • Contacts:

      • Program Director:

Dr. Kevin Macaluso, Professor of Pathobiological Sciences

    • Other Contacts:

Dr. David Baker, Professor and Director of Laboratory Animal Medicine

Dr. Joe Taboada, Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs


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2015 Merial Veterinary Scholars Research Program in Europe (unavailable for 2015)


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